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Monday, June 19, 2017

Vegetable Spring Rolls Recipe

vegetable spring rolls indo chinese recipe

This is one of the  popular indo chinese snack recipe that one is yummy and crispy. This recipe preparation resembles like samosas preparation, very famous snack recipe in india.For making this recipe we can use ready  made spring roll wrappers,available at super markets or home made spring roll wrappers also. Making spring roll wrappers at home is very easy.Home made spring roll wrappers are hygienic and tasty too.. Taking veggie for filling  as per your wish.This spring rolls gives crunchiness from out side and soft and spicy veggie gives smooth taste from inside.


oil 2 spoons
onion 1
green capsicum 1
carrot 1
cabbage small  piece
salt to taste
pepper powder 1 spoon
turmeric pinch
soya sauce 1/2 spoon
french beans 50 grs
noodles 1 cup
oil for deep fry
spring roll wrappers 20
all purpose flour 5 spoons
water 4 spoons


Wash all veggies with plenty of water.
Cut them into small pieces.
Cook noodles.
Boil water then add noodles and cook until 80% of noodles cooked.drain it and put it in the net and rinse with  tap water thoroughly and after that drain  the excess of  water.spread them in a plate for avoiding stickiness.keep to cool.
Take a mixing bowl then add maida (all purpose flour) and water make a thick paste.
This batter is useful in sticking the edges of spring roll wrappers.


  • Take a pan and put on the flame.
  • Add 2 spoons of  oil and heat it.
  • Add onion and saute for 2 minutes.
  • Add remaining veggies and pepper powder,salt and turmeric and saute well.
  • cook until veggie become tender.60 % cooking is enough.
  • Then add boiled nooodles and mix all well.
  • Cook for an other 2 minutes.
  • Remember that  the mixer should not contain any  moisture or wet.   
  • Filling should be dry.
  • Put off the flame.Keep to cool at room temperature.
  • Take a spring roll wrapper and apply maida batter  around the edges  with finger tips.
  • Add 1 spoon of filling (cooked veggies) at the corner of wrapper and roll it.
  • Stick the edges and both sides also.
  • Sticking is very important.
  • Do all spring rolls like this.
  • Heat the pan and add oil for deep fry.
  • When oil is heated put the flame in medium and add spring rolls one by one.( may be 2 to 3 enough, according to your pan size.).
  • Turn the spring rolls when one side become to golden.
  • Remove the spring rolls from the oil when both sides become to golden colour.
  • Spread these rolls on paper napkins to absorb excess of oil.
  • Eat this spring rolls with tomato sauce....Enjoy!.....

Keep in the mind

Rolling the spring rolls is very important.Stick the edges carefully.
Curry should be dry.
We can add curry leaves and coriander leaves also.
If you want more spicy add garam masala or red chilli powder.