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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Dry Chilli Chicken Recipe

indo chinese dry chilli chicken recipe

Chilli Chicken is one of the famous and delicious non veg Indo chinese recipes.In india  many people,especially children like to have it.It is different from other non veg recipes taste and more spicy with out adding any masala powder.  Chilli sauce and soya sauce is used for spiciness.Deep fry may be changes to chicken crispy and lost its moisture.For getting juicy and tender chicken pieces brine the chicken.For this add  chicken pieces in salt adding water and keep it in the fridge for over night or at least for 2 hours.



chicken boneless 200 grs
red chilli sauce 1 spoon
soya sauce 1 spoon
pepper powder 1 spoon
red chilli powder 1 spoon
salt  to taste
corn flour 2 spoons
egg 1
oil for deep fry

onion 1
capsicum 1
garlic 10 cloves
green chillies 10
spring onions 1
ginger 1 inch
salt to taste
red chilli powder 1/2 spoon
chilli saluce 1 spoon
soya sauce 1/2 spoon
vinegar 1 spoon
sugar 1/2 spoon
pepper powder 1/2 spoon
azinamotto pinch


Take  chicken breast pieces and cut into bite size pieces .
Wash with water 2 -4 times.
beat  egg in a bowl.
Then Take a bowl and add corn flour,red chilli sauce,soya sauce,pepper powder,some salt and beaten egg mixture and mix all well.Then add chicken pieces and mix.
Keep to marinate for atleast 2 hours .
Wash all veggeis and cut them into medium size pieces.
Chop ginger and garlic finely.


  • Take a pan and put on the flame and add oil for deep fry.
  • When oil is heated add chicken pieces one by one.
  • Put the flame in medium or low.
  • Flip up the pieces when  once side fried well.
  • When chicken pieces become light yellow colour then remove from the oil.
  • Do not over fry the pieces
  • Fry the chicken pieces 5 to 8 minutes..Other wise chicken pieces become so crispy and hard.
  • Place the pieces in a bowl or paper napkin.
  • Do remaining pieces also like this.
  • Take a pan and put on the flame.
  • Add 2 spoons of oil and heat it.
  • When oil is heated add finely chopped ginger and garlic pieces and saute.
  • Add chopped onion,green chilli pieces and capsicum pieces and fry for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Then add pepper powder,salt,soya sauce,red chilli sauce,sugar,azanamoto and vinegar and saute for 3 to 4 mintues.
  • Add spring onion pieces and toss the pan.
  • Then add fried chicken pieces and toss it.
  • Cook for another 4 to 5 minutes.
  • Taste the  recipe if salt is enough or not.
  • If not add more salt.
  • Spicy and tasty chilli chicken is ready to eat with any fried rice varities. 
  • We can eat this as snacks also.

Keep in the mind

Adding azanomoto is optional.
Be careful adding the salt.Not much salt is require for this recipe.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Easy Chocolate Cup Cakes Recipe

chocolate cup cake recipe

This is very one of the easy and quickly preparing baking recipe.we do not get more calories like cakes which has high calorie cream and high amount of sugar.Taking this cup cakes at tea time instead of biscuits or any hot item, gives lot of relief from boring and repeating other snack items.If you like to eat low calorie food then decrease the quantity of butter.Adding dry fruits enhance the taste of the recipe.We can eat cup cakes immediately after baking them even no need to add any cream on the top.That is optional.For attracting the children you can add it. 


Butter 250 grs
flour 250 grs
sugar 250 grs
eggs 4
salt pinch
coco powder 2 spoons
baking powder 1/2 spoon
baking soda 1/4 spoon
dry fruit pieces few
milk 1/4 cup( approx)
vanilla extract 1 spoon
muffns paper cups 15 to 20


  • Take unsalted butter and Keep it at room temperature .
  • Cut the dry fruits into small pieces.
  • sieve the flour.
  • Break the eggs in a bowl and make a fine whisk  with a spoon or a fork.
  • Take a big  mixing bowl and add butter and beat well.Then add sugar, salt and mix well.
  • Then add coco powder,baking soda and baking powder and mix them well.
  • Add flour and mix well and then add beaten egg mixture.
  • Add milk little by little and make a smooth batter.
  • Mix all ingredients very well and avoid forming any lumps.
  • Finally add vanilla essence and dry fruit pieces to the batter.
  • Take a cup cake baking try(muffins mould) and put muffin cups in it.
  • Add batter into muffin paper cups(fill 3/4 only).
  • Heat the oven 350°F .
  • Put the baking try into the oven and keep to bake for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • After that keep the muffin to cool at room temperature.
  • Add chocolate and cream and icing sugar mixing batter over the cup cakes .This is optional......
  • chocolate cup cakes are ready to eat  with hot tea ......Enjoy!....

Keep in the  mind

we can add vanilla essence instead of vanilla extract.
Adding milk is depend upon the batter consistency.
We can add hot water in the place of milk also.
Adding chocolate cream mixture over the cup cakes is optional.
We can add tutti fruity in the place of dry fruits.
Add dry fruits on the top of the cup cake if you like.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Vegetable Spring Rolls Recipe

vegetable spring rolls indo chinese recipe

This is one of the  popular indo chinese snack recipe that one is yummy and crispy. This recipe preparation resembles like samosas preparation, very famous snack recipe in india.For making this recipe we can use ready  made spring roll wrappers,available at super markets or home made spring roll wrappers also. Making spring roll wrappers at home is very easy.Home made spring roll wrappers are hygienic and tasty too.. Taking veggie for filling  as per your wish.This spring rolls gives crunchiness from out side and soft and spicy veggie gives smooth taste from inside.


oil 2 spoons
onion 1
green capsicum 1
carrot 1
cabbage small  piece
salt to taste
pepper powder 1 spoon
turmeric pinch
soya sauce 1/2 spoon
french beans 50 grs
noodles 1 cup
oil for deep fry
spring roll wrappers 20
all purpose flour 5 spoons
water 4 spoons


Wash all veggies with plenty of water.
Cut them into small pieces.
Cook noodles.
Boil water then add noodles and cook until 80% of noodles cooked.drain it and put it in the net and rinse with  tap water thoroughly and after that drain  the excess of  water.spread them in a plate for avoiding stickiness.keep to cool.
Take a mixing bowl then add maida (all purpose flour) and water make a thick paste.
This batter is useful in sticking the edges of spring roll wrappers.


  • Take a pan and put on the flame.
  • Add 2 spoons of  oil and heat it.
  • Add onion and saute for 2 minutes.
  • Add remaining veggies and pepper powder,salt and turmeric and saute well.
  • cook until veggie become tender.60 % cooking is enough.
  • Then add boiled nooodles and mix all well.
  • Cook for an other 2 minutes.
  • Remember that  the mixer should not contain any  moisture or wet.   
  • Filling should be dry.
  • Put off the flame.Keep to cool at room temperature.
  • Take a spring roll wrapper and apply maida batter  around the edges  with finger tips.
  • Add 1 spoon of filling (cooked veggies) at the corner of wrapper and roll it.
  • Stick the edges and both sides also.
  • Sticking is very important.
  • Do all spring rolls like this.
  • Heat the pan and add oil for deep fry.
  • When oil is heated put the flame in medium and add spring rolls one by one.( may be 2 to 3 enough, according to your pan size.).
  • Turn the spring rolls when one side become to golden.
  • Remove the spring rolls from the oil when both sides become to golden colour.
  • Spread these rolls on paper napkins to absorb excess of oil.
  • Eat this spring rolls with tomato sauce....Enjoy!.....

Keep in the mind

Rolling the spring rolls is very important.Stick the edges carefully.
Curry should be dry.
We can add curry leaves and coriander leaves also.
If you want more spicy add garam masala or red chilli powder.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Crispy Chicken Pakoda

chicken pakodi snacks

This is one of the delicious and best  chicken variety recipe.Especially children like to have this one as snacks.It is also take with steamed rice and sambar...Very easy and simple snack.Best one to prepare at evening snacks time...


boneless chicken 200grs
oil for deep fry
turmeric 1/4 spoon
red chilli powder 1 spoon
salt to taste
garam masala 1/2 spoon
coriander seed powder 1/2 spoon
curry leaves few
green chillies 5
ginger garlic paste 1 spoon
corn flour 2 spoons
besan 3 spoons
egg white 1


Cut chicken  into 2 inche pieces and wash with plenty of water and drain completely.
Make garam masala powder.
Make coriander seed powder.
Make ginger garlic paste.
Break the egg and separate white yolk.
Wash and cut green chillies into long slit pieces.
Take a big mixing bowl add small chicken pieces,salt,turmeric,red chilli powder,ginger garlic paste,garam masala and coriander seed powder and mix all well.
Then add corn flour and besan and mix all together.
Adding corn flour and besan depends upon the moisture of the batter(chicken pieces).Add egg white(optinal) and mix well and keep to rest and marinate for 30 minutes.


1.Take thick bottom pan and add oil for  deep fry.
2.Add curry leaves when oil is heated.
3.Remove from oil when curry leaves fried .
4.Add long slitted green chillies and fry .
5.Remove them when fried well.
6.Put the flame in  medium  and add chicken pieces into the oil and fry until they become to golden red colour.
7.Stir chicken pieces up and down while frying.
8.Medium flame or low flame is better to fry chicken pieces.It will take 10 to 15 minutes.
9.When chicken pieces fried well remove them from oil and put on paper napkins for absorbing excess of oil.
10.Finallly add fried curry leaves and fried green chillies to chicken pakodies.
11.Have this one with Hot tea or coffee ...Enjoy!

Keep in the mind

Cut chicken pieces into small because small pieces should fry easy and cook correctly.
Do not put the flame high because chicken is raw(not cooked) so we should fry this pieces in low or medium flame for some time.
Fried green chillies do not have spicyness.Children also like to eat.
Fried curry leaves gives restaurant style aroma.. and use for nice display.
Batter should be like tight mixture not watery like onion pakoda batter.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Salt Biscuits

salt biscuits baking recipes

 This is simple and basic biscuits preparation process..salt biscuits are more enjoyable  snack item at tea time.Every one even elders also like to eat this type of  biscuits.Try this if  you have any interest...


Maida 2 cups
butter 1/2 cup
backing powder 1 spoon
salt 1/2 spoon
milk 3/4 cup


Pre heat the oven to 230 degrees C.
 Take a big mixing bowl.Add maida(all purpose flour),backing powder and salt and  mix all well.
Add butter and mix well.
Add milk little by little and  make a fine dough.
Roll dough out 1/2 inch thick sheat and cut into your wishing size or round shape.

 Place the biscuits on  backing sheat and put it on the pre heated oven and bake until biscuits become to light golden colour..

Salty and tasty biscuits ready to eat....Enjoy!....

Keep in the mind

You can make this biscuits with oven also.
Use sand or salt and pressure cooker.
Place cup of salt on the bottom of the cooker and put a small plate on hot salt and  put biscuits plate or vessel on plate.put the flame sim.
Put flame high until salt or sand become too hot...

Monday, December 12, 2016

Gobi pakoda

gobi 65 pakodi

Most of the people know to  prepare  cauliflower as cauliflower tomato  gravy curry,cauliflower fry,cauliflower mixed veg curry,cauliflower pickle,cauliflower manchuria......
This is very tasty snack to prepare using cauliflower as main ingredient.Cauliflower is very healthy vegetable and we get resistance from eating it.Normally children do not like to eat cauli flower .If we prepare pakodies using cauliflower, they should like to eat like onion pakodies...


cauliflower florets 200grs or big bowl
red chillies 4
ginger 1 inch
garlic 8  cloves
corn flour 1 cup
maida 1 cup
rice flour 1/4 cup
suji 3 spoons
salt to taste
red chilli powder 1/2 spoon
turmeric 1/4 spoon
garam masala 1/2 spoon
coriander leaves few
curry leaves few
oil for deep


Wash ginger and peel the layer and cut into pieces
Remove upper layer of the garlic.
Take cauliflower florets and put them in boiling water for 5 minutes and  after that drain them from water.
Take a mixie jar and add ginger and garlic pieces and dry chillies and make a fine paste adding little bit of water.
Make garam masala  powder.
Wash curry leaves and coriander leaves and cut  them into small pieces.
Take a big mixing bowl and add all flours(corn flour,rice flour,maida),suji,salt,turmeric,red chilli powder,garam  masala,red chilli and ginger garlic paste and finely chopped coriander and curry leaves and mix all well and add water little by little and make pakodi batter consistency.
Taste it if salt and spicy is enough or not.If not add some more salt and garam masala.
Then add semi boiled cauliflower florets and mix well.Apply masala batter to cauliflower florets.


1.Take a thick bottom pan and put on the flame.
2.When pan is heated add oil for deep fry.
3.When oil is hot put the flame in sim and drop cauliflower florets to oil which one is mix with batter .(Just  like pakodi making.)
4.Fry in medium flame and fry until cauliflower florets fried well then  turn them into other side and fry that side also in the  same way.
5.After that remove cauliflower pakodies from oil and put on the kitchen napkin or paper towel for absorb excess of oil.
6.Fry some curry leaves and  slit green chillies in the oil and add them to cauliflower pakodies and mix all well.
7.softy and crispy cauliflower pakodies is ready is eat ...Enjoy !

Keep in the mind

You can add fried onions also.Of course it is optional.
Add red colour for making pakodies to dark  red colour.
Better to avoid adding food colour because it may be spoils our make dry chillies  paste and add it.This will gives good colour to pakodies.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Spicy Boondi Mixture

karam boondi snacks

This is very easy snack item to prepare.Making of this  snack is taken below 20 minutes. Children also feel happy if you add groud nuts or dry fruits and that increase the  tasty also.Adding fried curry leaves gives some nice aroma and tempts us to eat this snack immediately.If you do not like spiciness then avoid to add red chilli powder.That soft boondi also very nice in the taste. 


besan flour 1 cup
rice flour 1 spoon
salt to taste
red chilli powder 1/4 spoon
curry leaves few
ground nuts 1/4 cup
oil for deep fry


Take a big mixing bowl.
Then add besan flour,rice flour,red chilli powder(optional) and salt and mix well.Then add water little by little to make boondi batter.
Batter consistency should be like thin(not watery).If you leave the batter with spoon ,batter should be feel down drop by drop.
Wash the curry leaves.


1.Take a kadai or thickened bottom vessel and add 2 spoons of oil.
2.When oil is heated add curry leaves and fry for 30 seconds and remove them and keep aside.
3.Add ground nuts and fry till they change the colour then remove from the oil.Keep aside.
4.Pour some more oil for deep fry and put the flame on high.
5.Take a boondi laddle(boondi maker)  and pour some batter on it and place it over the kadai.
6.Boondi laddle has some holes so batter feel down into the oil by drop by drop.
7.Add batter only when oil is very heated.
8.Batter drops pop up from the oil and fry for 2 minutes.
9.Remove them from the oil and do like this remaining batter also.
10.Add this boondi on kitchen paper napkins for absorb excess of oil.
11.Take a mixing bowl and add fried ground nuts,curry leaves and boondi and mix all well.
12.Easy snack item spicy boondi is ready to eat with any sweet ...Enjoy!.....

Keep in the mind

Making the batter is very important.Batter should not be like very thick or very thin.Batter should not be like watery(thin) or pakodi batter(thick).
Just like dosa batter and consistency is little bit thin than dosa batter.
Add batter when oil is very heated.  If you Add the  batter When  oil is not heated ,batter is not pop up from the oil and boondi shape is not forms properly. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Keema Vada(Mutton balls)

keema balls keema vada

This Keema vada is high calorie food better to take only in occasionally. Of course this is very yummy dish.Non veg hated children may be like to eat this one as snacks because there is no piece to recognize as this is non veg variety.Of course elders can find it but children not.We can prepare veg vadas with plantain just  in the place of keema.It is also very tasty.After deep frying of any snack dish, place them on paper napkins(kitchen towels) to remove excess of oil.That is much better to decrease in take of  calories and fat.


keema 1/4 kg
onion 1
green chillies 4
ginger garlic paste 1/2 spoon
turmeric pinch
salt to taste
red chilli powder 1/2 spoon
coriander leaves few
roast chana dal 50 grs
cinnamon 1 inch pieces
cloves 4
elachi 1
coriander seeds 1/4 spoon


Wash keema carefully with water using net.
Wash onion and green chillies and cut into small pieces.
 Take a mixie jar and add cloves,elachi,coriander seeds,cinnamon and make a fine powder.Keep aside.
Take Roasted chana dal and make a fine powder.Keep aside.
Wash coriander leaves and cut into small pieces.
Take a blender add keema,salt,turmeric,red chilli powder and blend it .
Take a big mixing bowl and add blended keema ,masala powder,ginger garlic paste,roasted chana dal powder,finely chopped coriander leaves,finely chopped onion and green chillies and mix all well.If need add little water and make dough.


1.Take a kadai and put on the flame.
2.Add oil for deep fry.
3.Take a small portion of keema dough and make a round ball and press the middle of the ball.Make vada shape.
4.Do remain dough like this.
5.Place this keema vadas to hot oil and fry in medium flame.
6.Do not use high flame that changes the colour of the vada immediatly even not fry inside.
7.If you put the flame completely in low that may be  keema vadas absorbs oil a lot. so put the flame starting in  medium  and after 2 minutes put it on low.
8.If one side of vada changes the colour to brown then turn it other side.
9.Put this vadas on kitchen paper napkins to remove the  excess of oil.

Keep in the mind

Wash keema very carefully because it is drain out with water easily.So use net to clean keema.
We can make keema vadas with out onion also.
Roasted chana dal useful as binder.You can add egg yolk also for binding.
Boiled keema is also use for making keema vada or balls. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Make a Cake without Bake

make a cake without bake chocolate cake

Naturally we make the cake with baking using microwave oven or cooker.But this cake is making with out bake.We do not need any oven or stove.Only we use  fridge to prepare this cake.Of course for melting sugar and coco powder we have to use stove.I am telling that your kids diffenetely loves this cake to eat .It is just like chocolate mixing with nuts...Very easy and simple preparation..You try and feel enjoy making recipe like this one ...

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Veg Fried Rice

fried rice

This is a Indo chinese recipe.Now a days fried rice become  famous dish in the restaurents and road side hotels.This is very easy and can quick also.Require ingredients are also very less and available in all super markets.In olden days people likes rice item Pulihora but in Modern days people like fried rice or pulao  varities.This is available as one of the lunch box item for children.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Baby Corn Machurian recipe

baby corn manchuria recipe

This is a chinese dish .Manchurian varieties are very famous in china.These manchurian recipes are children favourite ones.Not only the children now a days every one loves this type of snack varieties.You can make this one very easy and quickly with out any cooking experience.Interesting is important to cook any recipe.This is very good snack for evening when children coming from the school .They feel surprise if you prepare this at home.