Sunday, June 18, 2017

Easy Almond(Badam) Milk Shake Recipe

badam almond milk preparation

All age group people can drink almond milk shake daily at any time for healthy life.We can give this shake to children at morning to gives more energy or evening time when they coming from the school with tired faces. This Badam milk shake is good for health and improves eye sight and memory because we are adding real almonds not almond flavours like ready made drinks those are available at markets.Soaking  almond is important because soaked almonds gives number of health benefits and improves digestion also.Do not forget to peel the skin of almond that is not good for digestion.


almond 20
milk 250 liter
sugar 2 spoons
cardomom powder 1/4 spoon
saffron pinch


Soak almond in 2 cups of water for 6 to 8 hours.
After that wash 2 to 4 times with water then peel the layer of the skin.
Take 8 almonds and cut  them into small pieces.
Remaining almonds put in a mixie jar and add 2 spoons of water for making smooth paste.
Take milk in a vessel and put on the flame.
When milk is boiling add almond paste,sugar, cardomon powder and saffron and mix all well.
stir for 5  minutes then put off the flame.
Keep at room temperature .
Then add almond pieces and put it in the freezer if you like to drink cool.
Cold and healthy milk shake is ready to drink..Enjoy!!!!

Keep in the mind

Use soaked almonds .That is good for digestion
Peel the skin of the almond before making the paste.
Adding cardomon is optional if you not like the flavour avoid it.
Adding saffron gives yellow colour to the drink. 

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