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Kadhi Pakoda recipe

punjabi kadi pakoda recipe

 We here this name at dhaba's and north indian places when we visit.This is traditional punjabi recipe.This recipe is very easy and quick to prepare to eat with roties or chapati or nons..Its taste is awesome..North indians are like to have this curry with pulkas. of course not suitable with white rice...Less spicy and bite with spoogy like pakodas ...gives unexplain and splendid taste....
Kadhi means adding besan in sour curd and making a thin costistency.
Pakoda means just like onion pakodas or any other pakodas making with besan 
In some people like to make this pakodas with fresh fenu greek leaves.That one also very delicious.
For avoiding less spicyness in some people use masala ingredients like cloves,cinnamon and coriander seeds  making of curry.
What ever it add,finally we get nice gravy roti curry......
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Ingredients For  Pakodas

besan 1cup
salt to taste
red chilli powder 1/2 spoon
turmeric 1/4 spoon
cooking soda 1/4 spoon
onion 1
potato 1
cumin seeds 1/2 spoon
coriander seed powder 1/4 spoon
green chillies 2

1/2 cup


 wash  onion,green chillies and potato.and choped them finely.

Make coriander powder.
 Take a big mixing bowl and add besan,salt,little bit turmeric and red chilli powder and mix all well.
Add finey chopped onions and potaotes,baking soda,cumin seeds,coriander seed powder and  some green chillies.
Add water little by little and make a thin mixture that can make pakodies easily using spoon. Pakoda mixture is not very thin and  not very thick. so batter should not be so watery. Make a smooth paste.
Take a pan and put on the flame and add 1/2 cup of oil for frying pakodies.
when the oil is heated take batter using spoon and drop it in the heating oil.do like this remaining batter and fry in medium flame.
When pakoda become to golden colour remove them from the oil.
 flip up and down the pakodies for giving good colour and perfect fry.
 After frying the pakodas keep on the paper napkin for absorbing excess of oil.

Ingredients for Kadhi

besan 4 spoons
sour curd  1 cup
water 4 to 5 cups(nearly)
salt to taste
red chilli powder 1/2 spoon
turmeric pinch
ginger  1 inch
garlic 10 cloves
green chillies 5

Preparation of Kadhi

Wash and cut ginger and green chillies into pieces.

Take a mixie jar and add green chillies,ginger pieces and garlic cloves and make a paste.
Take a big mixing bowl and add curd. whisk well.
Then add besan little by little while adding some water.
Add more water and make a very  thin batter.
Add little bit turmeric,salt,red chilli powder,ginger garlic and green chilli paste and mix all well.
Keep this kadi mixture aside.

Ingredients For  Curry

Ghee 2 spoons
mustard seeds 1/4 spoon
fenugreek seeds pinch
dry chillies 2
cumin seeds 1/4 spoon
asafoetida pinch
curry leaves some
coriander leaves few

Preparing curry

1.Take a thick bottom vessel and put on the flame.

2.Add ghee.when ghee is heated add mustard seeds and fry until they become to splutter.
3.Add dry chillies,cumin seeds and saute .
4.Add fenu greek seeds and saute for a minute.
5.Add asafoetida and  curry leaves.
6.Add kadi mixture and stir continously.
7.If the kadi mixture is too thick add some more water and boil until besan cook well.stiring is very important.other wise besan may be settle down of the mixture and forms lumps.
8.Put the flame in low and cook for 15 to 20 mintues till mixture cooked well.
9.Add pakodas and stir the curry.
10.Taste the greavy if salt is enough or not .
11.If not  add some more salt .
12.Finally add finely chooped coriander leaves...
13.Serve hot with roties......

Keep  in the mind

Do not make pakodies(dumplings)   very big .
If  baking soda is not avaible add baking powder.Do not add too much ...pakodas can absorbs excess of oil.
Making nice kadhi mixing besan and curd is very important.
If curd is not sour then add lemon juice(1/4 spoon) .
  sour curd is important ingredient that gives delicious taste to the kadhi.

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