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Gongura Muttton Gravy Curry

gongura mutton gravy curry

This is one of the traditional andhra non veg recipe.In olden days most of the people used to make non veg recipes with adding any vegetable or green leaf veggies.This is very good for health because adding fiber food like veggies to non veg recipes which  has no fiber that  avoids  constipation and also gives nice taste.Adding sorrel leaves(gongura) with mutton is excellent and well known combination.Dosakaya mutton is also nice combination.

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gongura                 3 cups
mutton                   250 grs
oil                           3 spoons
mustard seeds       1/4 spoon
cumin seeds           1/4 spoon
garlic cloves            5
curry leaves            few
onion                       1
green chillies           4
tomato                     1
turmeric                    pinch
salt                           to taste
red chilli powder       1 spoon
tamarind                   2 flakes
ginger garlic paste  1 spoon


Wash sorrel leaves and put on salt water for 10 minutes to remove pesticides and any  harmful chemicals.
Wash mutton with plenty of water and drain completely.
Make  ginger garlic paste.
Wash onion,green chillies,tomato.
Cut them into pieces(medium size).


1.Take a thick bottom vessel and add sorrel leaves,onion pieces,green chilli pieces,tomato pieces,salt,red chilli powder,ginger garlic paste,turmeric,tamarind and some water(4 cups) and put on the stove and cook until sorrel leaves and tomato pieces cooked well.
2.Put the flame, starting in medium and then after put it in low and cook well.
3.Take another vessel and add mutton pieces,some salt(1/2 spoon),turmeric(pinch) and ginger garlic paste(1/ spoon) and put on the flame in sim.
4.After some time water is coming from the mutton pieces.
5.Do not add any water to mutton pieces.
6.Cook mutton pieces until water completely avaporated.Then mutton pieces become so soft.Put off the flame.
7.When sorrel leaves cooked well then put off the flame and keep to cool in room temperature.
8.Take a mixie jar and add cooked sorrel leaves mixture and make a paste.
9.Take a thick bottom pan and  put it on the flame.
10.When pan is heated add oil.
11.Add mustard seeds when oil is heated.
12.Add cumin seeds when they started to splutter.
13.Add garlic cloves and curry leaves.
14.Then add sorrel leaves mixture paste and stir.
15.If consistency is thick add some water and stir and cook for some time.
16.When gravy is started to boil then add cooked mutton pieces and mix well.
17.Cook until mutton pieces absorb the gravy and become sour and spicy.
18.Taste the gravy if salt and spicyness is enough or not.
19.If not,add more salt and red chilli powder.
20.Finally add garam masala (optional).
21.Sorrel mutton gravy curry is ready to eat with rice or chapati...

Keep in the mind

Adding cumin seeds and garlic cloves is optional.But in olden days they used to add in this curry.
Finally we can add coriander leaves also.
If sorrel leaves are too sour then decrease the quantity of the tamarind.
Do not cook the gravy until it become so thick.

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