Friday, April 28, 2017

Cold Bru Coffee Recipe

cold coffee milk shake

In Hot summer,best relief is to drink  any cooling beverages.Many people like to have tea or coffee.In south india,most of the people like to drink coffee in the morning and in north india,people like to have tea(chai) at any time...But in summer or any special occassion or of course at rainy season also this beverage is super to drink and enjoy the climate and also cools our mood.Especially coffee lovers should likes this drink......


Instant coffee or bru .......1spoon
warm water                     1/4 cup
sugar                               3 spoons
chilled milk                       2 cups
ice cream(optional)          2 spoons
ice cubs                           6 to 8


1.Add coffee powder in a glass or a bowl.
2.Add warm water little by little to coffee powder and mix with to dissolve it completely.
3.Take a blender and pour this coffee water and sugar and blend it well.
4.Then add ice cubes and blend well.
5.If you want more chilled add more ice cubes.
6.Then add chilled fat milk and blend well till they become to frothy.
7.Pour this cold coffee immediately to serving glass with froth .Other wise froth  may be reduce and the appearence of the coffee is not looking good.
8.If you like ice cream you can add one scoop also.This is optional.

Keep in the mind

If instant coffee powder is not available, we can make this drink with ordinary coffee powder.
Take 1 spoon of coffee powder and 1 spoon of coco powder and add 1 cup of water and boil for 5 to 6 minutes.Then filter this water and use this, instead of instant coffee powder...
Adding ice cubes is as per like.
Reduce ice cubes quantity for thick coffee milk shake and take very chillied milk.

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