Tuesday, May 31, 2016

roasted chana dal chutney

peanut chutney

dry chillies             8
green chillies         5
ground nuts            4 spoons
roasted chana dal   1cup
salt                          to taste
water                       1/4 cup
oil                             2 spoons
mustard seeds         1/4 spoon
cumin seeds            1/4 spoon
curry leaves            some


1.add oil(1 spoon) in a pan.
2.after heating the oil add dry chillies.fry for a while(1 minute).keep them aside.
3.add green chillies and fry for 1 minute.keep it aside.fry ground nuts for 2 minutes.
4.many people donot fry roasted chana dal to prepare this chutney.if you  like  that you can add roasted chana dal with out fry .
5. fry roasted chana dal for one minutes.
6. add all these ingredients in a mixie jar and add salt and water.
7.make a paste.
8.add oil(1 spoon)in a pan.
9. after heating the oil add mustard seeds .
10.when they began to splutter add cumin seeds and currry leaves.fry for a while. add blended chutney .mix all very well.
11.this is very spicy chutney like to touch with any tiffin item (idly,upma,dosa,vada).

Tiffin chutney(ground nut chutney)

ground nut chutney


oil                           2 spoons
green chillies         10
ground  nuts           1cup
roasted chana dal   1/2cup
salt                          to taste
water                      1/4 cup
mustard seeds         1/4 spoon
cumin seeds            1/4 spoon
curry  leaves            some


1.add oil(1spoon) in a pan.
2. after heating the oil fry green chillies for 2 minutes.keep aside.
3.add ground nuts .fry for 2minutes.keep it aside.
4.add roasted chana dal fry for 1minutes.
5.add all these in a mixie jar and add salt and water.
6.make a paste.
7.add oil (1 spoon) in a pan.
8.after heating the oil add mustard seeds .when began to splutter add cumin seeds and curry leaves .fry for 30 seconds .put off the flame.
9.add these in chutney .mix all very well.if you need add more salt.

Brinjal Fry వంకాయ వేపుడు

brinjal fry

brinjal                     1/4 kg
oil                           2 spoons
mustard seeds         1/4 spoon
cumin                      1/4 spoon
urad dal                   1/4 spoon
chana dal                 1/4 spoon
red chillies               2
curry  leaves            some
gingar garlic paste  1/2 spoon 
onion                       1
green chillies           2
turmaric                  pinch
salt                          to taste
red chilli powder    1/2 spoon
coriander leaves     some


1.cut onion and green chillies into small pieces.
2.cut brinjal into four pieces(cut completly).put in a salt water.
3.add oil in a pan.
4.after heating the oil add mustard seeds.when began to splutter add red chillies,cumin seeds,urad dal ,chana dal and curry leaves .fry for a while.
5.add finely chopped onion and green chillies and fry until onions became to light golden brown colour.
6.add ginger garlic paste.stir the mixture.leave for 30 seconds.
7.then add brinjal pieces .
8.add turmeric ,salt,red chillie powder .stir vey well.apply salt and turmaric and red chillie powder to brinjal pieces.
9.cook until oil coming out from the curry.
10.finally add coriander leaves.serve hot.




rice                 1cup
moong dal (or)
chana dal        1/4 cup
salt                  to taste
cumin seeds   1/2 spoon
oil                   1 spoon
ghee                1 spoon

water               3 cups


1.soak moong dal (green gram dal) or chana dal for 30minutes.
2.wash the rice and dry in the sunshade.
3.put in the mixie jar make ravva(2nd atta sieve plate).now in the market there is ready made rice ravva available.
4.pour the water in a vessel add  oil(1 spoon) and salt( to taste may be 1/2 spoon) mix well.
5.when water is boiling add soaked moong dal and rice ravva .stir very well .keep the lid for a while.
6.cooking time may be take 15 to 20minutes.taste the mixture if it need salt add it.
7.when ravva become soft,put off the flame and add cumin seeds and ghee.
8.keep the mixture to cool.
9.after that make laddu shapes with that mixture.if you like add more ghee to taste.
10.steam this undrallu  putting on idli plates like making of idli.

wheat rava upma గోధుమ రవ్వ ఉప్మా

goduma rava upma


wheat ravva        1cup
oil                       1 spoon
ghee                    1 spoon
mustard seeds     1/4 spoon
urad dal               1/4 spoon
chana dal             1/4 spoon
cashew nuts        6
ginger                  small piece(inch)
green chillies      3
curry leaves       some
onion                 1
carrot                 1(small)
salt                     to taste
water                 2 cups 


1.cut ginger and green chillies into small pieces.cut also onion and carrot in to small pieces.(finely chopped).
2.add oil in a pan.
3.after heating the oil add ghee.when ghee is melted add mustard seeds.
4.when they began to splutter add chana dal and urad dal.fry until dal become light brown colour.
5.add cashew nuts .fry for a while(30 seconds).add ginger and green chillie pieces.fry for 1 minutes.
6.add curry leaves .then add finely chopped onion and carrot.stir well .keep to fry for another 2 minutes .
7.add water and salt.
8.when water is boiling add wheat ravva.stir very well and keep the lid.
9.cook until ravva became soft and water evoparated completly.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Ivy gourd( dondakaya) benefits

ivy gourd

1.Ivy gourd controls sugar levels.
2.vitamin C,beta carotene,vitamin B1 and B2 present in tinodora.
3.good anti oxidant to eleminate toxins from the body.
4.high source of calcium and potassium.
5. Ivy gourd is good iron content prevent fatigue.iron deficiency is a main cause of fatigue.tindora has amount of iron .
6.good for nervous system.this vitamins minerals and antioxidants gives good strength to the nervous system.
7.maintains healthy metabolism.
8.fiber present in Ivy gourd gives good for digestive system and prevents constipation.
9.prevents kidney stones.
10.reduce high blood pressure.

Tindora chutney (dondakaya pachchadi)

tindora chutney

tindora                1/4 kg
greeen chilles     20
garlic cloves       15  
tamarind             4 flakes
cumin                 1spoon
salt                      to taste(1 spoon)
oil                       4 spoons
mustard seeds     1/2 spoon
urad dal               1/2 spoon
curry leaves         some
coriander leaves  some


1.add tamarind in 1/4cup of water and boil.when the water is boiling put off the flame.
2.cut tindora into pieces . cut green chillies also.some tindoras(5)cut into small pieces.donot fry these tindoras.
3.pour oil(3 spoons) in a pan.
4.add green chillies and fry .
5.after fring the green chillies take them into mixie jar.
6.add tindora pieces.keep the lid over it and fry for 25 to 30 minutes in low flame.
7.after frying tidora pieces add them into mixie jar.
8. add salt ,cumin seeds,garlic cloves and tamarind with water .
9.make a paste.
10.add oil(1 spoon) in a pan.
11. after heating the oil and mustard seeds .
12.when began to splutter add urad dal or chana dal.fry them
13.finally add curry leaves. add tindora paste  and raw tindora small pieces(which are not fried).mix all very well .
14.decorate with coriander leaves.

Lady fingers Benefits

lady finger

1.ladies finger controls the sugar levels in the blood.
2.improves immune system.(rich source of vitamin C)
3.helpful  in weight loss treatment.
4.prevent colon cancer.
5.best vegetable for diabetic patients.drink ladies finger juice(soaked water) gives best result to control diabetics.
6.best food for heart patients.
7.high amount of fiber prevents constipation.
8.ladies finger contains pectin that is controls cholestrol levels .
9.improves digestion.
10.prevent anemia.
11.good for eye sight.
12.if asthma patients  eat ladies finger gives good results on their health.
13.makes hair silk and soft.
14.promotes healthy skin.
15.prevents lever diseases.

ladies finger soup

ladies finger soup


ladies fingers          1/2 kg
onion                       1
green chillies           3
tamarind                  4 to 6 flakes
tomatoes                  2
jaggery                     small piece
turmaric                   pinch
red chilli powder     1 spoon
salt                           to taste
oil                            2 spoons
coriander leaves      some

1.soak tamarind in water.
2.cut ladies fingers into inch size pieces(nearly one ladies finger cut into 3 pieces).
3.cut onions, green chillies and tomatoes into small pieces.
4. add oil in a pan.
5.after heating the oil add some fenugreek seeds(optional).fry them.
6.add onions and green chillie pieces.fry until onions turn into golden brown colour .
7.then add tomatoes,turmaric ,salt,red chillie powder and jaggery .
8.mix all very well.keep to cook for 2 to 3 minutes.
9.then add ladies finger pieces and mix very well.
10.after ladies finger pieces to be  semi cooked then add tamarind juice which is extracted from soaked tamarind.
11.stir the curry and taste it if salt is enough or not.
12.add  salt and red chilli powder if you need.
13.keep lid and cook for 15 to 20 minutes.
14.when the soup is became to thick and coriander leaves.put off the flame.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Pappu talimpu

pappu talimpu


red gram dal            1cup
oil                            1 spoon
ghee                         1/2 spoon
mustard seeds          1/4 spoon
cumin seeds             1/4 spoon
garlic cloves             10
red chillies                2
salt                            to taste
turmeric                    pinch
curry leaves              some


1.soak red gram dal for 30 minutes.
2.cook any dal after soaking it that gives speed to cook and  easy to digestion and avoid gastric problems.
3. add oil in a pan .
4.after heating the oil and ghee.
5.add mustard seeds .when began to splutter add red chillies,cumin seeds,garlic cloves and curry leaves.
6.after frying these ingredients add 2 1/2cup water .
7.add turmeric and salt.let it boil.
8.when the water is boiling add soaked red gram dal.
9.put the lid .flame should be in low.
10.cook until dal become soft and water evoparated completly.

Peanuts Benefits

pea nuts

1.eleminates toxins.
2.prevents gall stones.
3.reduces risk of  heart diseases.
4.boosts immune system.
5.prevents cancer.
6.good for growing children.
7.good food for pregnent women.
8.gives healthy bones.
9.good for diabetics.
10.helps in weight lossing.
11.high in proteins.
12.heathy fats and good for digestion.
13. rich in energy.

Lemon benefits

1.help for good digestion.
2.good natural flush.
3. rich source of vitamin C present to boost immune system.
4.helpful in the time of weight loss.
5.good for skin.helps fade scars.
6.helpful for dental care.
7.it is deals with long  term respiratory diseases.
8.good for hair.reduces dandruff.
9.lemon juice act like blood purifier.
10.provide relief from fever and cold.
11.controls high blood pressue.
12.stops internal bleeding and nose bleeding.
13.cures cholera and malaria.
14.treats arthritis.

Prawns uses


1.prawn very good for heart because it has omega 3 fatty acids.
2.prawns has selenium which is prevents growth of cancer cells in the body.
3. it has very rich source of calcium that is  good for bones and teeth.
4.very less calories.no fear to eat in time of weight loss treatment.
5. it is to be vitamin E enriched .so good for skin.
6.good for cardioc patients because it has vitamin B12 that is very essential vitamin for heart patience.
7.good protein source content.iodine  and zinc also present in the prawns.
8.not fat food like meat.it is good seafood like fish.

Brinjal benefits


1.It is nutrious and low calorie vegetable.
2.very rich in fiber content.
3.brinjal controls high blood cholestrol.
4. eggplant has anti-oxidant that is prevents cancer.
5.it has B complex essential vitamins.
6.high amount of potassium, calcium and magnesium present in brinjal.
7.helps keep diabetic in control.
8.brinjal contains phytonutrients that helps to preserving the memory function.good for brain.
9.it contains high in water content and low calories .so helpful vegetable in weight loss treatment.
10.high amount of vitamin C present .due to this it is good anti bacterial and anti -viral.
11.these anti oxidising agents acts as anti ageing elements.
12.good to skin.prevents skin cancer
13.good to hair.

Nuvvula Vankaya

nuvvula vankaya


brinjal                      1/2 kg
sesame(white)          100grs
turmaric                    pinch
tamarind                   50grs
salt                            to taste
onion                       1
green chillies           4
jaggery                     small piece
garam masala          1spoon
ginger garlic  paste  1 spoon
red chilli powder     1 spoon
mustard seeds          1/2 spoon
cumin seeds             1/2 spoon
oil                              5 spoons
curry leaves              some
coriander leaves       some


Soak tamarind in water.after that extract juice from it. 
cut onions and green chillies into small pieces.
1.wash and split the brinjals  four sides.donot cut fully only cut plus shape.
2.pour oil in a pan.
3.after heating the oil add brinjals and fry for some time.donot fry completly(shallow fry).keep aside.
4.make sesame seeds to fine powder.
5. in heated oil add mustard seeds.when began to splutter add cumin seeds,and curry leaves.
6.add finely chopped onions and green chillies.fry until onions became golden brown colour.
7.then add ginger garlic paste and fry it.
8.add sesame powder,salt ,red chillie powder,turmeric and garam masala,stir very well.
9.add tamarind juice and boil for a while.when tamarind juice is boiling add  fried brinjals and cook for a while.
10. finally add coriander leaves .

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Royya avakaya prawn pickle

prawn pickle


prawns                    1/2 kg
salt                           to taste(2 spoons)    
red chilli powder     2 spoons
coriander powder     2 spoons                        
mustard powder      2 spoons
fenugreek powder   1/4 spoon
garam masala          1/2 spoon
lemons                     3
oil                             1/4 kg

squeeze lemon juice from lemons.
roast fenugreek seeds(with out oil) until light brown colour appear.
then make a fine powder.
donot roast mustard seeds.only make fine powder . 


1.wash the prawns with plenty of water with turmeric and some raw salt to remove smell coming from the prawns .
2.add one spoon salt and turmeric in prawns mix well.(donot add water)cook until water is completly evoparated which is coming from prawns.
3.add oil in a  pan.
4.after heating the oil add prawns to fry.
5.fry prawns until their colour become to golden brown.
6.take a bowl ;add red chilli powder,fenugreek powder,mustard powder,garam masala,coriander powder and salt.
7.mix all very well.then add fried prawns and lemon juice.
8.mix all ingredients very well .then taste it.if you need more salt and spicy add salt and red chilli powder.
9.finally add oil(prawns were fried)and mix all very well.
10.store in dry tins. store in a fridge for many month.In the normal temperature better to use with in 2 to 3 months.

Nuvvula Pulihora నువ్వుల పులిహోర

nuvvula pulihora


rice                    1/2 kg
sesame seeds     50 grs
turmaric             1 spoon
salt                     to taste
tamarind            70 grs
jaggery               small piece
oil                       5 spoons
mustard seeds     1 spoon
chana dal            1spoon
urad dal              1 spoon
peanuts               2 spoons
curry leaves        some
green chillies      6
red chillies          6

1.roast sesame seeds in a pan.
2.when sesame  seeds became to light brown colour( gives good smell),then put sesame seeds in a jar make a fine powder.
3.soak the tamarind in a glass of water.
4.after some time(15minutes) add 2glass of water in tamarind and make tamarind juice.add salt and small pieces of jaggery and boil until juice became very thick(honey like consistency).put off the flame.
5.wash the rice two times and cook the rice with l liter of  water.
6.put a pan on a stove .
7. add oil ,after heating the oil add green chillies and fry them.
8.add mustard seeds when they start splutter add red chillies,urad dal,chana dal and peanuts.
9.when dals became into brown colour  add cashew nuts , turmaric and sesame powder.
10.finally add asafoetida and curry leaves.put off the flame.
11.add cooked rice and tamarind juice .mix very well.

Horsegram benefits ఉలవలు

horse gram

1. Horsegram is anti bacterial and anti fungal.
2.very helpful food in weight lossing purpose.
3.gives lot of energy.
4.high in protein,iron and calcium contents.
5.low in fat content and high source of carbohydrates.
6.good for diabetic patients.
7.keep our body warm (best food for winter seasons)
8.best food for low sperm count men.
9.controls menstrual distrabences.
10.due to high fiber ,gives relief from constipation .
11.expel stones from kidney.

Horse gram rasam ulava charu ఉలవ చారు

horse gram rasam


horsegram            1 kg
tamarind                small lemon size
salt                        to taste
turmeric                1 spoon
red chilli powder   some
oil                          3spoons
mustard seeds       1/2 spoon
cumin                    1/2 spoon
curry leaves           some


1.soak horsegram for one full night or 12 hours.
2.add 4 glasses of water in horse gram put  in the pressure cooker.cook until 10 whistles come.
3.then put  in the  low flame and cook for 20 minutes.
4.extract juice from cooked horse gram.
5.take some horse(1/2cup) grams make some paste(grind in the mixie).
6.add this paste to horse gram juice for increasing the thickness of rasam.
7.add tamarind(if you like add only tamarind juice) ,turmeric,salt ,red chillie powder and some curry leaves to horse gram juice .cook for until 4 glasses of juice become to 2 glasses.
8.add oil in a pan .
9.after heating the oil add mustard seeds .
10.when began to splutter add cumin seeds and curry leaves. add these all in to horse gram rasam.
11.add salt and red chilli powder as per your taste.
12.you can add coriander leaves.

Ginger Garlic paste preparation

ginger garlic paste preparation

garlic cloves      1cup
ginger pieces      1cup
turmeric              1spoon
salt                      1spoon
water                   3 to 5 spoons


add all ingredients in a mixie jar make a paste.

Garam masala preparation

garam masala


coriander seeds        1cup
poppy seeds             1/2cup
garlic                        1
cloves                       7
elachi                        3
cinnamon                small piece 
wailong                   1
mace                       1

roaste  coriander seeds and poppy seeds (with out oil) in low flame.
then mix all ingredients and put in mixie jar  to grind.make  fine powder.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Water Importance


1.we know water is essential one  in our daily needs.
2.our body filled with water and blood.
3.water plays an important role in our health system.
4.it flushes out toxins from the body.
5.improves metabolism 
6.helps in digestion and constipation.
7.headache and migraine main cause is dehydration.to drink plenty of water to get relief from these pains.
8.drinking water is also helping in loss weight therapy.
9.water makes muscles to boost up when they feel tired.water is called as muscle fuel .
10.water cleans the skin internally and reduces the risk of  pimples.
11.a glass of water refresh us .
12.improves kidney function.
13.water is brain booster.
14.reduces the risk of cancer.
15.prevents arthritis.

Chadrakantalu sweet(moong dal sweet)


pesara pappu      1cup
sugar                   1 1/4cup
cashew nut          some
water                   1cup
ghee                     1/4cup
oil                        for deep dry


1.soak pesara pappu(moong dal) for one hour(6o minutes).
2.grind this with out adding water.
3.dont make very soft paste.some rough(బరకగా )paste is better.
4.add 1cup of water in a vessel.add sugar and stir well.cook until sugar is completly dissolved .

Elephant yam benefits కంద

1. Elephant yam contains great amount of protein that makes our body strong.
2.yam also contains  high quantity of carbohydrates that gives lot of energy to  the body.
3. very good diet for diabetics and blood pressure patients 
4.yam also cures gastric problems and abdominal pain.
5.high amount of fiber present in yam.best for constipation patients.
6.prevents colon cancer.
7.boosts immune system.
8.gives hormonal balance to the body.
9.cools the body temperature.(in hot seasons).
10.liver cleaning agent.

Yam fry కంద వేపుడు

This is not deep fry dish .for health conscious  preparing this fry in  low amount of oil.
yam fry


elephant yam          1/4kg
onion                       2
green chillies           3
ginger garlic paste   2spoons
turmaric                 1/2spoon
red chillie powder  1spoon
salt                          to taste
oil                           3spoons
garam masala         1spoon
cashew nut              10
curry leaves            some
coriander leaves     some


1.clean the yam neatly and peel it .
2.cut into your require size.
3.add turmaric ,red chillie powder, ginger garlic paste, salt in yam pieces and mix well.
4. add 3spoons of water.put in the pressure cooker in medium flame(dont put in the high flame) cooker until 2 whistles come(about 10 to 15 minutes).
5.cut  onions and green chillies finely.
6. add oil in a pan. 
7.after heating the oil add cashew nuts .after frying the cashew nut keep them aside.
8.add curry leaves in the same oil and fry for a  while .keep them aside. adding fryied  curry leaves gives some non veg taste to the fry.
8. add finely chopped onions and green chillies.
9.fry until  onion pieces become to golden brown colour .
10.add 1spoon ginger garlic paste,some salt,pinch of turmaric(gives good colour to the curry).fry for 2minutes.
11.then add yam pieces(cooked) and garam masala.mix very well.cook for 5minutes.
12.finally add coriander leaves ,fried curry leaves and cashew nuts.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

kandhi pachchadi కంది పచ్చడి

kandhi pachchadi


red gram dal            100grs
tamarind                  small lemon size
cumin seeds            1spoon
red chillies               8
garlic cloves             15
salt                          to taste
oil                           5spoons
mustard seeds        1/2spoon
curry leaves           some


add 3/4cup of water to tamarind and boil for 15minutes.
add 2 spoons of oil in a pan .
add red chillies and fry for 1minute.keep them aside.
add 1spoon oil in the same pan and add red gram dal .
fry red gram  dal until light brown colour appear .
fried dals gives good smell this is the indication to know dal is fried or not.
add fried red gram dal ,soaked tamarind(not with water),salt,fried red chillies,cumin seeds and garlic cloves to mixie jar and make paste adding boiled water(tamarind soaked water)
add oil in a pan.
after heating the oil add mustard seeds ,curry leaves.mix these with kandi pachchadi.

Tomato rasam టమాటో రసం

tomato rasam


riped tomatoes              1/2kg
tamarind                        4 to 5 flakes
red chillies                     3
turmaric                         pinch
salt                                 to taste
curry leaves                   some
oil                                  2spoons
mustard seeds               1/2spoon
cumin                            1/2spoon
urad dal                         1/2spoon
coriander leaves            some for rasam powder

coriander seeds          4spoons
fenugreek                   1/2spoon
pepper seeds              1/2spoon
cumin                         1/2spoon
garlic cloves               5
chana dal                    1/4spoon
red gram dal               2spoons

grind all ingredients to make rasam powder.


put tomatoes in a salt water for 20minutes to removing chemicals.
after that wash them.
cut tomatoes into 4pieces.
add tamarind ,tomato pieces in a mixie jar and grind them to  make tomato juice.
in tomato juice add 2 glass of water,turmaric,salt ,red chillies (2),curry leaves and boil for 20minutes in a low flame.

when rasam is boiling add rasam powder and cook for 5minutes .
add coriander  leaves.put off the flame.
add oil in a pan
after heating the oil add mustard seeds ,red chillies,cumin seeds,urad dal and curry leaves.
after frying all these add to tomato rasam. add salt to taste.