Friday, April 29, 2016

How many Calories take for a day

daily calorie chart

Taking calories depends upon weight of that person.
better to avoid children to follow this chart.
growing up children no need to follow calories chart. they should concentrate  on physical fitness. Taking healthy diet and doing physical exercises makes you healthy and strong person.

If you want to lose weight, you should take between 1000-1500 calorie per a day (dont take below 1000 cal,you will suffers from unhealthy problems.)

under 18 years  active person have to  take 2000-2500 calories per a day.
 between 20-50 years active persons have to take 2000-2200 can take 3000 calories if they are active. 

according  to BMI(body mass index) calcutations multiply your weight with 24,then coming result is you have to take that number of  calories.( if you  are like to  maintain same weight).
suppose your weight is 70kg .70*24=1680 calories daily you have to take to maintain present weight.
if you want to  weight loss you have to  less  500 from 1680 (1680-500=1180).if you take 1180 calories food daily, you will loss weight  slowly.
if you want to  gain weight then add 500 to 1680 (1680+500=2180).you have to take more than 2180 calorie food then you will gain weight. 

 Diet Plan shows you how much  food have to  take according calorie concept. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

turmeric benefits


1.turmeric has medicinal properties.
2.increases antioxidant capacity of the body. good colour to curries.
4.improve brain function and gives lower risk of brain diseases.
5.prevent cancer.
6.  best medicine for alzeimer's disease.
7.increase lifespan. relief from chronic pain.
9.good for diabetic patients that is gives  lower blood glucose levels.
10.good for skin  aging  and healing many skin diseases.

fenu greek benefits

fenu greek
1.fenu greeks help to reduce cholestrol level
2.controls sugar levels in the body.
3.fenu greek plays a key role for healthy heart.
4.fenu greek rich in  fiber and antioxidants. helpful to flush out harmful toxins.
5.fenu greek contains high amount of potassium that is gives healthy heart.
6.good food for who wants to loss weight.
7.increases breast milk production in lactating mothers.
8.helps to increase breast size.
9.resolve hair and skin problems.(apply paste of fenu greek on hair)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

uses of mangoes

mangoes have vitamin A,vitamin B,vitamin C and vitamin E minerals like copper,potasium and magnesium,fiber

1.high level of fiber ,pectin,vitamin C helps to lower the cholestrol(LDL)
2.anti oxidents in mangoes prevents colon cancer and lukemia.
3.mangoes helps to eliminate pimples.
4.mangoes has vitamin A to cure night blindness,promotes good eye sight.
5.mangoes have rich source of vitamin E to give beautiful skin.
6.keeps immune system healthy and strong. mango for good digestion.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Mango pickle andhra avakaya

Many people like pickles especially avakaya(mango pickle).summer is season for mangoes. In the olden days people preserved seasonal fruits as  the form of pickles.telugu vari special food item is avakaya. with out this no wedding function completed completly.many people think that only experienced people can prepare avaka .this is wrong.preparing avaka is very easy than cooking curries(other cooking items). for avakaya preparation depends on standard if you follow these,you prepare avaka with out any cooking experience. only one thing should be remember in the mind that is use only all dried items .utensils  should be dried.pickle should be spoiled due to wet .


mangopieces                 -8cups
red chillie powder          -1cup
salt(crystal)                    -1cup
turmeric                         -1spoon
mustard powder            -1cup
fenugreek powder         -1/4cup
garlic                            -4
oil                                  -1 1/4cups
fenugreek seeds            -1/2spoon

In the market many varities of mangoes available.many people use rasalu,gulabi,jahamgeer,jalaalu for avakaya.first clean  mangoes with water.and wip with cotton cloth.after completely dried cut the magoes two equal parts(seed should be cut)remove the seed and white layer.and cut the mango pieces your requirement size. and dried for some time.(no in the sun shade).
fry fenugreek seed with out oil.after roasting the fenugreek powder   make a fine powder.
dont fry mustard seeds. only make fine powder .
crystal salt also make the powder.
 if you know telugu for more details see "mango pickle preparation in telugu"

1. take a bowl ,mix all ingredients like red chillie powder,salt               powder,tumeric,mustard powder,fenugreek powder,garlic                 cloves.
2. pour oil in a seperate bowl.
3. dip mango pieces in the oil and put  them in  the  powder(all             ingredient mixed powder) .
4.keep this mango pieces in dry container(tin).sprinkle some powder on      the mango pieces and again take some mango pieces and dip in the oil      and put them in ingredient powder  and finally put them in dried      container and sprinkle some powder over them.
  do all mango pieces like this.
5.pour  remaining oil and powder  in the container.keep it aside for three days. the third day mix all mango pieces very well and add garlic paste(3cloves)and mix very well.taste it and if you  want more salt and spicy add salt powder and red chillie powder.

Friday, April 22, 2016

black pepper benefits

black pepper
1.helps for proper digestion.
2.relieves cough and cold.
3.great antioxidants.
4. helps in weight loss system.
5.pepper stimulates skin pigmentation.
6.pepper is good medicine for alzheimer's patients.
7.commanly use for tooth ache and tooth decay.

coriander benefits

1.reduce bad cholestrol
2.stimulates endocrine gland.
3.good for improving appetite.
4.removes bad breath.
5.helps in detoxification of the body.
6.antioxidant(having vitamin C) for diabetic patients.

Uses of Coriander leaves

coriander leaves
1.high levels of anti oxidents.
2.anti bacterial and anti fungal.
3.reduce blood sugar.
4.coriander has high in iron content .best for anemia patients.
5.calcium content is high in coriander that gives strong bones.
6.cures skin disorders like eczema.
7.stimulate digestion.
8.vitamin A,K, and C.
9.helps improve sleep quality.
10.prevents cardiovascular damage.

Uses of Chana dal

chana dal
1.split of  bengal gram become as chana dal.this is belongs to regume family.
2.chana dal high in fiber and has low cholostrol.
3.polyunsaturated fats exists in chana dal.
4.chana dal is rich source of protein ,zinc and calcium.
5.chana dal is energy booster and increases immunity system.
6.easy digestive good food for diabetics.

Uses of Carrot

1. carrots are very rich in vitamins A,C,K,B8 and minerals                 potassium,iron,copper,manganese
2.improves eye sight.
3.protects the skin and gives younger look to the skin.
4.improve immune system
5.provides healthy teeth and gum.
6.carrot rich in beta-carotene that prevent macular degeneration
7.prevent cancer.
8.fiber in carrot cleans colon and flesh out waste material from the body.

Uses of Tomato

1.good source of antioxidants
2.prevents urinary tract infections.
3.reduce cholestrol and improve  heart health
4.high in vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium.
5. tomato has lycopene pigments that prevents cancer cells.
6.bones strong.
7.lower risk of gall stone formation.
8.blood purifer.
9.better to take for good hair and skin.
10.controls sugar levels.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

asafoetida (hing) benefits

1.proves digestion. good smell to curries and increase appetite.

red gram dal(toor dal) benefits

toor dal
1.Toor dal contains all nutrients which our body needs regularly like carbohydrates ,protein ,fibre and calcium.
2.protein helps to grow muscles and gives strengh to our body. has folic acid that is very helpful for pregnent women for fetal development.
4.high fiber no constipation and controls many chronic diseases.
5. carbohydrates gives lot of  energy.

Uses of Onion

1.onion  is good  anti-agent
2.onion contains is helps to  controls blood sugar levels.
3. gives relief from urinary disorders.
4.increase sperm count.
5.high fiber content.
6.improve immunity(because of vitamin C).
7.prevent cancer.
8.raw onion very good for healthy heart.
9.apply onion juice on burning sensation place to gives immediat relief.

sambar Idle

 we know Idle and sambar is a special pair to make our break fast  delicious . This sambar(idle) is different from  sambar(rice).preparing of sambar(idle) is take less time and very  cheap compare with sambar(rice) because we use chana dal  in idle sambar (low price) and in rice sambar use redgram  dal(high price).
sambar idle

ingredients chillies                -4 gram dal             -2spoons
3.chana dal                  -4spoons
4.coriander                  -1/2teaspoon pepper             -1/4teaspoon 
6.cumin                       -1/2teaspoon
7.coconut (grated)       -1cup
8.tomato                       -2
9.asafotida                    -pinch
10. tamarind                 -1flake
11.sugar                        -2spoons
12.oil                            -4spoons
13.mustard oil              -1/2spoon
14.cumin seeds            -1/2spoon
15.curry leaves             -some
16.onion                       -1
17.salt                          -to taste
18. coriander leaves    -some

1.add 2spoons oil in a pan .
2.after oil heated add red chillies  and fry them.
3.when red chillies fried take them in a bowl.
4. add red gram dal and chana dal. stir well .
5.when dals finely fried good smell comes from it .
6.after that add coriander seeds and pepper
7.finally add tomato pieces , coconut pieces or grated coconut and asafoetida.
8.add all fried ingredients in a mixie jar and grind them make a smooth paste(add water).
9.add remaining oil in  a pan .add mustard seeds ,cumin seeds and curry leaves.
10.add onion pieces. when onions are  fried add grinded paste and add salt,sugar and turmaric(pinch).
11.make tamarind soup (tamarind and water) pour 2 to 3glasses of water  and cook for about 15minutes.
12.add salt  and sugar if you want more.
13.finally add coriander leaves and serve .

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Importance of Curd


1.curd has good bacteria. it helps to boost immune system.
2.curd has high amount of calcium and phosporus that gives                strengh to bone and teeth.
3.eating curd may gives relief from stress and anxity.
4.applying curd on face as a beautiful face pack.
5.also reduce dandruff if you apply on hair.
6.curd is easily absorbed by digestive system.

Rava idle

Most of the people prepare idle,dosa and upma for break fast.This rava idle different from normal idle.we can prepare rava idle instantly.there is no need to soak black gram , grind it and leave for some time for fermentation.this  will take long time.
when guest come to house with out sign, we can prepare this tiffin 
item instantly  and looks differently.

suji(bombay rava)  -1cup
curd                        -1cup
salt                          -to taste
mustard seeds         -1/2tbspoon
cumin                      -1/2tbspoon
urad dal                   -1/2tbspoon
chana dal                 -1tbspoon
cashew nut             -10
curry leaves            -10
gradted carrot         -4spoons
coriander leaves     -some
oil                           -2spoons  

1. heat oil in a pan add mustard seeds after that add cumin,urad dal     ,chana dal , cashew nut finally  add curry leaves.
2.add suji and stir well. fry for 2minutes .
3.keep suji cool.
4.skim curd very well and add to suji make batter  ( like idle batter) .add salt to taste.
5.if you need add water.
6. apply ghee on idle plates put some grated carrot and coriander         leaves(3leaves) after that  pour batter on idle plates.
7.cook like idle(on steaming).it will take 15-20 minutes.
8.put idle reverse side(carrot and coriander side) on plate .look very beautiful and taste is too good. with coconut chutney.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Ugadhi pachchadi

ఉగాది పచ్చడి ఎప్పుడు అమ్మ చేస్తే తినటం కాదు . ఈ ఇయర్ (సంవత్సరమ్ )మీరు చేసి అమ్మకి సర్ ప్రైజ్ ఇవ్వండి . 
ugadhi pachchadi

షడ్ రుచోపేతమైన ఉగాది పచ్చడి :
వేపపూత :1కట్ట 

 వేప పూత లో  పువ్వులను  మాత్రమే  వలుచుకోవాలి . చిన్న చిన్న కాయలను ,ఇంకా  తయారవ్వని  పువ్వులను  వలుచుకోకూడదు . దీని వల్ల  పచ్చడి  చేదు  ఎక్కువగా  వుంటుంది . ఇది  హెల్త్  కి  మంచేదే  కానీ  పచ్చడి  టేస్ట్  మారిపోతుంది . పువ్వుల్లన్ని  వలిస్తే  2 స్పూన్స్  ఐతే  చాలు . 
చక్కెర కేళి :3

చాల మంది అరిటి పళ్ళు  వాడతారు . కానీ  చెక్కర కేళి వల్ల ఉగాది పచ్చడి రుచి పెరుగుతుంది.  చక్కెర కేళి ని అన్ని పదార్దములు(ఐటమ్స్ )కలిపిన తరువాత  అంటే  లాస్ట్ కి రౌండ్ గా కానీ  మనకి నచ్చిన సైజు లో  గాని  కోసుకొని పచ్చడి కి యాడ్  చెయ్యాలి .లేకపోతె  చెక్కర కేళి తొందరగా  నలుపు వచ్చి పచ్చడి అందంగా వుండదు .  చింతపండు రసం పోసాక  చెక్కర కేళి ని కలిపితే నల్లబడదు .
మామిడి  కాయ :చిన్నది 
       చిన్న   సైజు  ముక్క అయిన  సరిపోతుంది . దీన్ని చాల చిన్న ముక్కలుగా (మన  పన్ను సైజు లో )కోసుకోవాలి . 
చింతపండు (కొత్తది ):2రేకులు 
        కొత్త చింతపండు అయితే  బాగుంటుంది . కప్ కి  సగం నీళ్ళలో  నాన     బెట్టాలి . పచ్చడి  బాగా నీళ్ళ లా  కావాలనుకుంటే  ఎక్కువ  వాటర్  లో        చింతపండుని నానబెట్టాలి . 

కారం :చిటికెడు (pinch ) 
సాల్ట్ :చిటికెడు (pinch )
పుట్నాల పప్పు (వేయించిన శనగ పప్పు ):హాఫ్ కప్ 
బెల్లం :చిన్న ముక్క 
  బెల్లం  ని మెత్తగా దంచుకోవాలి . దీనిలో  వేపపువ్వు ,మామిడి కాయ ముక్కలు ,కారం ,సాల్ట్,పుట్నాలపప్పు ,నానపెట్టిన చింతపండు ని బాగా పిసికి వాటర్ తో సహా (చింతపండు రసం ) పోసుకోవాలి . లాస్ట్ కి  చెక్కర కేళి ని కట్ చేసి  ముక్కలను వీటిలో  వేసి అన్నిటిని బాగా కలుపుకోవాలి . ఇది గుజ్జు లాగా వస్తుంది . చాల మంది ఉగాది పచ్చడిని వాటర్ లాగా (రసం )చేసుకుంటారు . అందుకే చింతపండు నానపెట్టేతప్పుడు వాటర్ ని మన ఇష్టాన్ని బట్టి పోసుకోవాలి .  కావాలనుకుంటే  జీడిపప్పు ని కూడా  యాడ్  చేసుకోవచ్చు . 
ఈ షడ్రుచోపేత మైన ఉగాది పచ్చడి ని తిని  దుర్ముఖి నామ  సంవత్సరమ్ ను ఆహ్వానిద్దాం . 

Coconut chutney with milk

Coconut chutney

Most of the people know how to prepare coconut chutney that is in light yellow colour. but this is in pure white colour,beautiful and very tasty because of mixing milk instead of water.


coconut               -1
green chilles        -10 to 15
milk                     -1/4liter
salt                       -to taste
oil                        -3 spoons
mustard seeds     -1spoon
cumin seeds        -1/2spoon
urad dal               -1spoon
curry leaves         - some

coconut chutney

break the coconut and remove the shell.peel the brown colour     which is placed under the shell.(with out doing this chutney does   not have pure white colour). wash the coconut shell and cut it into small pieces .

1. heat oil in a pan.
2. add green chillies and fry for some time(1 to 2 minutes).
3. add green chillies and coconut pieces into mixie jar ,and grind it.
4. add creamy milk into jar for make a soft paste.
5. add salt to taste.
6. heat oil in a pan
7. add mustard seeds,cumin seeds, urad dal finally add curry leaves. mix these all into  coconut chutney.

Uses of Salt

1. salt is natural toothpaste.
2.maintains healthy electrolyte balance in the body.
3.salt has sodium content.our body needs 2300mg sodium per day.
reduced sodium diet may causes health problems.
4.salt supports thyroid functions.
5.maintain proper stomach ph rate.
6.salt gives healthy weight and  fast metabolism .

Uses of Garlic

1.controls blood sugar and increases insulin production. up immune system.
3.garlic has anti-cancer property.
4.reduces bad cholestrol and improves heart health.
5.reduce arthritis pain.
6.cleans toxins. cures urinary tract infections.
7. garlic has weight loss property
8.reduces high blood pressure. relief from asthma,cold and cough.
10.garlic boots the mood because of it has vitamin B6.

Uses of Red chilli

red chillie
1.burns fat.
2.contains vitamin C so  improve immunity system
3.for weight loss better to use this.
4. cures cancer.
5.high amount of vitamin A

Uses of Sesame seeds

sesame seeds

1.stimulates hair growth.
2.sesame seeds contains more calcium than a glass of milk.
   prevents osteroporosis.
3.high copper content in sesame helps to prevent arthiritis and gives    strength to bones,joints and blood vessels.
4.sesame is good for skin.
5.anemia patient if take black sesame which contain rich in iron          they will cure early. has high fiber , low cholestrol and high quality protein.

sesame powder


white sesame    -1cup
red chillies        -7
garlic                 -1
cumin seeds      -1tbspoon
salt                    -1spoon(to taste)

1.Take a thick pan add red chillies and fry  with out oil.after frying       red chillies put them in a bowl.
2. fry sesame with out oil.
3.fry until golden shade appears .fried sesame gives good smell and    good taste.
4.add red chillies,sesame,garlic cloves,cumin and salt in a  mixie        jar and grind.
5.make a powder if you want add more salt to taste.

Sago benefits


1. sago is a starch extract from cassava plant.
2.  sago is full of carbohydrates to works like enery boosters.
3. it has calcium,iron,vitamin C helps to increase strengh of bone
4.  protein in sago that helps to muscle grows  and strength.
5. improve digestion.
6. potassium in sago maintains blood pressure.
7. it is very useful for weight gain persons.

vermicelli benefits


1.vermicelli made from wheat  and rice flour.  is  high fiber diet ,keep colon clean and infection free.
3. having no cholestrol and fat .  in carbohydrates and gives much calories. food for children.

Uses of kismis raisin

1.drying grapes convert into raisin or kismis.
2.content of iron high in kismis then anemia cures if eat raisin daily.
3.rasinis contain much fibre  to gives releife from constipation.
4.antioxidants in raisin keeps your eyesight strong.
5.reduce sexual weakness
6.raisins are rich in fructose and glucose contents that gives lot of energy. easy to gain weight with out bad cholestrol eat raisin daily.
7.makes skin clear.

semya (vermicilli) payasam sago payasam

For semya(vermicilli) payasam better to take creamy milk for delicious tasty.don't afraid about creamy milk add some water when milk is boiling.
semya payasam


creamy milk       - 1cup
water                  -2cups
vermicilli           -1cup
sago                   -1/2cup
sugar                  -11/2cups
 ghee                  -4spoons
cashew nuts       -10
raisins              -10
elachi                -5

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Uses of Elachi cardomom

1.stimulates digestive system and improves appetite and digestion      also.
2. best medicine for bad breath.
3. helpful in fighting depression.
4. treats urinary tract infections.
5. good source of minerals and anti oxidizing agents.
6. improves blood circulation to the lungs helps to cure asthma and     cough(respiratory allergies).
7. cardomom helps to treat impotency.
8. elachi has detoxifying property that cleans the body.

Badam benefits

1.good source of protein.
2.increase good cholestrol and decrease bad cholestrol.
3.enrich with vitamin E helpful in glowing of skin and hair falling.
4.memory food for brain to improve memory.
5.for health heart eat 4 to 6 almonds daily.
6.reduce hunger and promote weight loss.
7.almonds are best source of antioxidants to cure diseases like cancer.

cashew nut benefits

cashew nut

1. cashew has no cholestrol and has good fats.
2. magnesium in cashew very helpful in  bone strength.
3. it has 20 essential amino acids including serotonin which one           helpful for stable mood and good sleeping.
4. lower risk of cancer because it eleminates free radicals in the           body.
5. improves brain function due to increase oxygen to the brain.
6. eat cashew for healthy gum and teeth.
7. very energizing food that is helpful in weight loss.

Uses of Suji

1. suji(rava) is granular form of maida made from endosperm  of         the durum wheat.
2. it is a balance diet.
3. high  content of carbohydrates and energy enriched in it.
4. it has small amount of  fiber and low fat content.and good                 supplier of vital vitamins and minerals.
5. suji as a diet food during fever.

Ravva Laddu

Ravva laddu made with suji(bombay ravva).Ravva laddu taste depends on frying suji properly.  flame should be keep sim or medium when you fry anything(especially suji ).If you put on high flame suji  colour will be change with out frying properly.Best to use thick bowl for frying anything to avoid immediate color change(black shade).


suji               -1cup
sugar            -1cup
ghee             -3/4cup
milk             -1/4cup
badam          -5
cashewnuts  -5
elachi           -6

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Ghee benefits


1. Boots energy levels in the body.
2. Good for eyesight.
3. Ghee is  rich source of vitamin A,D,E,K.
    vitamin A good for sight,vitamin D good for bones,vitamin E           good for hair and skin.
4. Pregnant women who take vitamin K2 get beautiful babies . 
5. Boots immune system.
6. Prevents cardiovascular diseases(good for heart).

Uses of Sugar

1.  sugar has high calorie content that gives energy to the body.
2.  sugarcane has so many minerals and vitamins but in industrial          sugar we get only small amount of minerals and vitamins.
3.  sugar is mixer of   fractose(no need of our body) and                        glucose(needs our body). Our body can convert fats and proteins      into sugar is not only the main source of glucose to          get our body.Taking excess of sugar may become fat.So Better        to take small amount of sugar daily.(of course children may take).

Friday, April 15, 2016

Uses of Urad Dal(sayi gullu)

sayi gullu

1.urad dal is major ingredients in indian kitchen for healthy diet.
2.urad dal is richest source of protein,vitamin B.
3.It is a energy booster that has rich in iron content.very good for women.
4.Increases milk seretion in lactataing mothers.
5.It cures any sexual disorders(sperm count,sperm motility) in male ,cures naturally.
6.Improves digestion.
7.Taking urad dal helps to reduce cholesterol and good for heart.


sunnivundalu is  one of the indians traditional food items that is very delicious  and strong food for every one(not only for children).In our grandmother's period they prepared it with black gram and jaggery.of course that is very strong diet but it looks not good because of its black colour. Now i am preparing it with urad dal(sayi gullu) and sugar that gives light yellow shade and children like to eat very much.


urad dal(sayi gullu)        -1cup
sugar                              -1cup
ghee                               -1cup

1.  fry urad dal(sayi gullu) without  ghee.(preferable flame is sim).
2.  fry it until  colour turns into golden  shade and gives good smell.
3.  keep it cool and  grind (do not make smooth powder).if you                 touch the powder you feel some hard(baraka ga vundali). sieve         the powder.
4. if you like more sweet you can add 3 to 6 spoons sugar extra. 
    grind sugar  and make sugar powder.mix sugar powder and urad          dal powder.
5. this is ready made mixer to prepare sunnundalu
    whenever you want add ghee and make laddus.
    remember one think add heat ghee only. if you add  ghee (with              out heating) laddu shape not get properly ,easy to brake,and                need more  ghee  to prepare sunnunda.

Uses of Cumin Seeds

cumin seeds

cumin is good for digestion and improves appetite.
cumin has dietary fibre content that is very helpful for piles patients.
eliminates mucus and phlegm. 
It is also anti-oxidant.
prevents gastric problems.

Uses of Curry Leaves

curry leaves

curry leaves is a good sources of fibre(removes constipation),calcium(bone strength),Iron(good for anaemic patients).
prevents early greying of hair.
protects lever from damages.
It is best natural method to keep control blood sugar levels.

Mustard Seeds

mustard seeds
Mustard seeds are very rich in  vitamins(B complex),minerals and anti-oxidants.
we are using  as very important ingredient in cooking because of  mustard seeds are helpful  to clean our intestine and  removes all toxins from the body.

Importance of Cooking Oils

cooking oils
Our body require some essential oils for daily doing works.Taking excess of oil becomes fat in our body. this is one of the main cause of obesity. In old days we use groundnut oil  and sesame oil for cooking.Today's every one has the awareness of health.
but today's most of the people using sunflower oil and olive oil which one are polyunsaturated(low cholestrol) and enriched with vitamin'E',omega-fatty acids which are very helpful for good health.

importance of Milk

      Milk is healthy drink for every one (not only for children).  In india most of the people drink buffalows milk. Driniking cow milk gives many benifits than drinking buffalows milk .cow milk has rich source of calcium ,vitamin'D' which are beneficial for  strength of bones and teeth . Drinking habbit of milk prevents osteoporosis.
 Milk contains high quality of protein(all essential amino acids) which support muscle growth and repairs.


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Uses of Green chillies:

green chillie

because of these chilles indian food become very spicy.this chilles are have high rich anti-
oxidentents which are prevents bacteria,virus infections from our body.
vitamin c presents in it which one helps to increase our immunity system.
zero calories food item and also balance  sugar levels in our body.

Uses of Coconut


           this is very nutricious food
           having  high calcium for bone strength,potassium for muscle            strength,fiber clean intestines and coconut water gives                       instant energy and improves our immunity system.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

coconut chutney with milk కొబ్బరి పచ్చడి

 ఈ కొబ్బరి chutney చూడటానికి pure  white గా వుండి ,చాల tastey గా వుంటుంది . దానికి కారణం milk ని add చేయటమే  . mixie పట్టే డప్పుడు water కి బదులు milk (creamy milk ) ని add  చేస్తే taste తోపాటు అందంగా కూడా వుంటుంది.  
coconut chutney

కొబ్బరి చిప్పను పగలగొట్టి పెంకును తీసి వేయాలి . అప్పుడు చిప్ప వెనుక బాగం  brown గా కనబడుతుంది . దాన్ని peeler తో తీసివేయాలి .ఇలా చేయక పొతే chutney white గా కనిపించదు .  ఇప్పుడు కొబ్బరి చిప్పని బాగా కడిగి చిన్న చిన్న ముక్కలుగా కోసి mixie jar లో వేయాలి . 
greenchillies (పచ్చిమిర్చి )ని బాగా కడిగి half  గ cut చేసి వేడెక్కిన oil లో వేసి కొంచం సేపు వేగనివ్వాలి . వీటిని mixie jar లో వేసి salt కూ డ వేసి ఒక round mixie పట్టాలి . కొంచం కొంచం పాలను add చేస్తూ grind చేయాలి . దీనికి పచ్చి మిర్చి మామూలు గా  మీరు చేసే కొబ్బరి పచ్చడి కంటే 2 to 4 ఎక్కువగానే పడతాయి. పాలు chutney ని సవ్వగా చేస్తుంది . అందుకే కారం కోసం పచ్చి మిర్చి కొంచం add చేసుకోవాలి . బాగా కారంగా వుంటే దీనికి 2to 5spoons పెరుగు (curd )కలుపుకుంటే సరిపోతుంది . 
తాలింపు : ఆవాలు,సాయి మినపప్పు ,కర్వేపాకు వేసి తాలింపు పెట్టాలి . 
ఈ chutney ని తప్పకుండా try చేయండి . 100% మీకు  నచ్చుతుంది . 

idle sambar ఇడ్లి సాంబార్

ఇడ్లి లోకి coconut chutney, కారప్పొడి,నెయ్యి   బాగానే వున్నాఇడ్లి లోకి సాంబార్  special జోడి గా చెబుతారు . భోజనం లో  తినే సాంబార్ ,ఇడ్లి లో వేసుకునే సాంబార్ వేరు వేరు . భోజనం సాంబార్ లో కందిపప్పు ఎక్కువుగా వాడితే ,ఇడ్లి లో సాంబార్ కి పచ్చి శనగ పప్పు ఎక్కువుగా వాడతారు . 
చాల fast గా ఈ సాంబార్ తయారు చేసుకోవచ్చు . 
idle sambar

ఎండుమిర్చి  -4
coriander (దనియాలు ) -1/2teaspoon 
కందిపప్పు                     -4spoons 
పచ్చి శనగ పప్పు          -7spoons 
మిర్యాలు                      -1/4teaspoon 
జీల కర్ర                       -1/2teaspoon 
కొబ్బరి తురుము           -1cup 
tomato                         -1
సాల్ట్                             -1spoon 
చింతపండు (tamarind ) -1రేకు 
ఇంగువ                        -పించ్ 
oil                               -3spoons 
mustard seeds            -1/4teaspoon 
cumin  seeds             -1/4teaspoon 
onion                         -1
sugar                          -2spoons
కర్వేపాకు                     -కొంచం 
కొత్తిమీర                      -కొంచం 

గిన్నెలో 2spoons oil వేసి కాగిన తరువాత redchillies వేసి వేగనివ్వాలి . వేగినతరువాత వాటిని తీసి ,దనియాలు వేసి పచ్చివాసన లేకుండా 10seconds వేగనిచ్చి తిసివేయాలి . కందిపప్పు ను  అదే నునె లో వేసి color మారేవరకు వేగనివ్వాలి . వేగిన కందిపప్పు మంచి వాసన వస్తుంది . కందిపప్పు ను తీసి, నునె లో పచ్చి శనగ పప్పు వేసి వేగనివ్వాలి . మిర్యాలు  కూడ వేసుకోవాలి . తరువాత tomato ముక్కలు వేసి టమాటో మగ్గిన 
తరువాత కొబ్బరి తురుము వేసి last కి ఇంగువ వేయాలి . అన్నిటిని కొంచం వాటర్ పోసుకొని grind  చేసి మెత్తటి paste లాగా తయారు చేసుకోవాలి . 
వేయించే తప్పుడు ఏది మాడ కూడదు.  మాడితే  sambar రంగు మారిపోతుంది .  
వేరొక గిన్నెలో ఆయిల్ పోసుకొని వేడెక్కిన తరువాత ఆవాలు,జీల కర్ర ,కర్వేపాకు వేసి తరువాత  ఈ paste వేసుకొని చిక్కదనాన్ని బట్టి తగినన్ని వాటర్,salt  వేసుకోవాలి . చింతపండు రసం తీసుకోని దీనికి add చేయాలి . sugar ని కూడా add చేసి బాగా మరగనివ్వాలి .  మరుగుతున్నప్పుడు సాల్ట్ గాని sugar గాని సరిపోనాయో లోదో చూసుకోవాలి .last  కి కొత్తిమీర add  చేసి stove -off చేయాలి .